Location Services

We understand what matters most to you:

  • Locates that are guaranteed accurate

  • Results delivered daily

  • Unique information, found nowhere else

  • Risk free pricing, no locate = no fee

  • Information customized to be just right for you

  • Nationwide coverage

A Powerful Set of Tools Awaits You!

How Can a Verified Place of Employment Help You?

VeriFacts will return a verified place of employment customized to support your strategy. Whether you’re implementing a dialing campaign or legal processes, we’ve got you covered.

How Can Verified Residential Information Help You Make The Right Party Contact?

Making the right contact at the right time requires quality information you can rely on. VeriFacts will return a verified residential phone and address customized to help you make the connection you need. If you’re struggling with no-contacts, return mail, process of service or trying to repossess a vehicle, we’re here to help.