VeriFacts is a family owned, Midwest company, specializing in location services.

VeriFacts specializes in location services, including verifying where someone lives or where they work. VeriFacts delivers outstanding customer service.

Companies ask VeriFacts to help them update their customer files to be sure accurate contact information is available. VeriFacts performs these services for the financial industry.

You can either call our main number at 800-542-7434 or dial the direct number provided on your voicemail.  The direct number will connect you to your dedicated representative. Your representative will allow you to verify your contact information. You can also email us at

The call should only take a couple of minutes.  In most cases, we’re simply confirming your existing customer information.

VeriFacts is providing location services for a company you already do business with. This company has provided us permission to confirm your residential address or employment information. A soft credit bureau can be a good resource to complete verification. If you’d like additional information regarding this process, please contact our main number at 800-542-7434Please note: A soft credit bureau inquiry does NOT affect your credit score in any way nor is it visible to anyone but yourself.